Gettin’ Dirteh

I love motocross!

On July 26, 2008 I went to Dirtbike School!  It’s all part of my goal to become the #1 Novice AFM racer.  To be a well-rounded rider, I need to master riding on and off the road.  Riding off-road has its differences:

  1. Your rear brakes do most of the work when it comes to braking
  2. sliding is considered normal (and fun)
  3. When you turn, you let the bike turn under you while you stay upright
  4. ????
  5. PROFIT!!!

I took the class with a bunch of other noobs.  Some of them were experienced riders, one of them was a squid, and the rest were people who had never mounted a two-wheeler before in their lives.

Rich Oliver’s Mystery School

The day started off with a basic lesson.  We learned about all the controls on the bike and how to start it and shut it off.   Of course, just as Rich Oliver was describing the process to get the bike moving at snail’s pace, Squidly asks, “Are we going to learn how to foot slide?”  Yeah, that’s right after the lesson on how to go 5mph and before the one on how to do a flying superman.  WTF do you think, idiot?

It was this big...I swear

Moving on.  Rich broke us up into two groups: experienced riders and complete beginners.  Those of us who have ridden motos before did the exercises first so that the super newbies could see how it’s done.  Or in some cases, see how it’s not done.  I touched a motorcycle three times before so I got to be in the cool group…

Cute girl learns clutch

Cute girl learns clutch

After lunch, Rich combined the two groups since the beginners were pretty much caught up to our pace, which goes to show how good of an instructor Rich is or how much of a failure the “cool group” is.

Stand up...sit down...choose one

Stand up...sit down...choose one

All day I was stuck behind the slowest rider.  She was the one who never rode a motorcycle and never drove a car.  But she really, really, wanted to ride dirtbikes — God bless her.  But the problem was she was a little, well, slow.

New-behi-tonite? Pull fuckers close?

Her dad was off to the side keeping a close eye so I had to try my best not to be so aggressive.  But when he wasn’t looking I passed her on the inside of a curve and nearly ran her into a bush.  I later blamed it on a touchy throttle but secretly I blamed it on her incredible ability of “getting owned.”  Getting owned by ME.  Yeah, that’s right.

Some guy

Some guy

All in all, a great day.  The class really helped me become a better rider.  Just this weekend, rolling over gravel on my street bike, I was not the least bit unnerved.  I just maintained the throttle, kept off the front brake, and thumped on through…

Next steps

Here’s where I’ve been practicing my cornering.  It’s mostly good pavement, some street riding, some uphill and downhill, and great scenery.

The next event is Track days on Oct 11-12, 2008 at Reno-Fernley Raceway!

But first, I’m getting a dirtbike.  I’m hooked on two-wheel riding of all sorts so it’s only natural that I get one…right?



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  1. Doing it in the dirt feels great

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